Poetry Battle Friday #PBF Winner

Lee Dunn’s winning poem on the topic: FRIGHT

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Photo by Robert Nelson on Unsplash

I had the darkest dream last night
It pinned me to my bed
A humming buzz of blackishness
was leaning o’er my head

Its eyes were but a sickly gleam
Its curtains brushed my chest
Its leathered hands upon my mouth
my heartbeat did arrest

My hands and feet were flailing fast
to break this evil dream
I shouted out, but only cast
a smother-muffled scream

a squeezing of the throat it gave
I thought I would be killed.
but morning broke this devil’s cave
this darkness, unfulfilled.

About the author: You can find Lee Dunn on Twitter here where you can interact and see his other work available on his website here.

Written by

JD Greyson is a free spirit who loves to breathe passion & purpose into each of her pieces. She runs on copious amounts of conversation, & compassion~

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