Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me everyone but me
For I can see in them
The beauty I refuse in me

This mirror of love
Disillusioned by my distortion
To refract instead of reflect

This mirror of love
A thing I gave
To show
My appreciation
My compassion
My intimacy

It was my way to help
Others feel
Thought of

This mirror of love
Was an extension of me
Of the things I longed to be
But couldn’t see
In me

I reflected them to you
Because my soul was trying to
Teach me
To love myself

Heartache like an ocean
Knocked me over
Ravaged my body
Left me like wreckage
Upon the shore
Longing to be Nevermore

I was broke open
Washed up
Like a shell
My inner essence exposed

And I, as the water lapped my face,
Had no choice
But to finally see
The reflection looking back at me

This sea of mirroring
Love to me
Love around me
Love within me
Love that is me

Today I choose
To look into the mirror
And see me

I am beauty in the purest form
I radiate empathy
I forgive all the parts of me
I forgave in everybody else

I love myself in the way I
Wanted to love you

Without judgement
Without expectation
Just taking in this moment
To feel

I am finally loved back
By me

Oh mirror, mirror on the wall
I am grateful for your honesty
You continued to reflect my worth
Even when I couldn’t see

Written by

JD Greyson is a free spirit who loves to breathe passion & purpose into each of her pieces. She runs on copious amounts of conversation, & compassion~

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