Loved this article, Esther.

This has been a difficult journey for me. It was like mentally I could tell myself what I needed to do, but thinking it and feeling it were two different things.

And then one day it was like something just clicked inside. My big epiphany was realizing that deep within me was a lack of trust that things would work out the way it is supposed to. I realized that I had attached outcomes to situations instead of trusting that what will be, will be.

Honestly, once that finally took root, I felt a weight lifted off me. It was like I finally understood that I need to focus on me. I can't be in a perpetual state of trying to be everything to everybody else in hopes that I can sway the outcome. All I have is now.

It's a freeing moment when you let go of all the worry, the fear, and the past mistakes and just live intentionally present.

I read this last night in a book by Deepak Chopra, "The great problem you will face will be not desire but attachment, holding on when the flow of life wants you to let go."

I used to fear letting go because I didn't want the other person to think I left (abandonment). What I now realize is that it is the very opposite. Letting go means I trust the other person and more importantly, I trust myself.

Thank you for your words~

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JD Greyson is a free spirit who loves to breathe passion & purpose into each of her pieces. She runs on copious amounts of conversation, & compassion~

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