Let's talk about PS I Love You--

I had no clue about this publication until a friend of mine said he was going to submit to them. I filled out the application and was accepted as a writer. I then waited for my friend to get his piece published before I submitted anything to them (it's my loyal side) Unfortunately, his piece wasn't accepted so I never submitted anything to them. Since that time, my friend sort of disappeared and I went through some personal issues and I woke up one day and was like, "I am going to submit this one to PS." It was accepted and curated on my first try.

I've been rejected twice since then.

My advice is this: Go for it. They seem to want first person type stories that have nothing to do with writing--The two pieces that I just recently published were denied by them. The other thing I learned is in order to do well on there you want your piece to be between 5-7 minutes long. I talked about this in my To Thy Own Self Be True.

Never ever worry about me thinking you are competing with me. We are learning. If I can help you get your work seen, I am all about that! I learned so much from my friend about writing and without him I wouldn't be half as far as I am now. Don't let anything stop you from reaching your dreams, Art--certainly not other people's opinions. Your true friends want nothing but the best for you and will do whatever possible to help you succeed.


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JD Greyson is a free spirit who loves to breathe passion & purpose into each of her pieces. She runs on copious amounts of conversation, & compassion~

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