Great write, Art!

I remembering attending those meetings for a while when I was a kid. There is something valuable about being around others who "get" you.

One of my favorite things that you highlighted is that we needn't do this all on our own. It's hard to trust others when all you know is abandonment, abuse, and love with conditions. Yet, the feeling that comes with knowing someone truly understands where you are coming from is priceless.

I feel compelled to just take the time to remind you, Art, that you are one of the good ones. I've been kicking rocks around this Medium playground long enough now to see through the phonies. I love your authenticity and what you bring to the table. I know that it is hard, at times, to see others getting more claps or making more money, but for whatever it is worth, you've touched my life and you've been a much needed light for me in this skewed arena.

Keep being you! I like you! And it helps me to know that I am not alone as I try to shine my light in a hurricane.


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