Encouragement for the Weary Writer

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Dear Writer,

I see you over there trying to make ends meet — working your shift job, trying to stay afloat, stressing out over unexpected expenses — all the while trying to maintain relationships while somehow magically finding time to write.

I see you struggling to find balance between the creative monster that cares not when you need to sleep or whether you need a reprieve from the influx of ideas that only seem to come at the most inopportune times.

I see you as you pour out your soul on pages only to be met with rejection or the dreaded “silence.”

I see you.

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No one ever said this journey was going to be easy. It demands you to be on your ‘A’ game — to push yourself to the max. Dig deeper, it says. Try harder, it taunts.

And just when you think you are finally getting somewhere, the unexpected throws you a curveball.

Cancer. Depression. Invisible Illness. Death. Suicidal Thoughts. Loss. Grief. Deadlines. Infidelity. Divorce. Laid-off. Break-up. Debt. Accident. Relapse.

Let me say it again, weary writer, I see you.

Life doesn’t stop. The hard times will eventually find you. And when they do — know that you are not alone.

It’s okay to be angry, to get frustrated and lose your shit sometimes. Just don’t stay there.

Feel your emotions, release them, and then get your head back in the game!

You aren’t going to get it right all the time and that’s okay. Allow yourself room to fail. You see, failing isn’t the end, not trying is. When you fail, learn from it.

The key to winning this race isn’t perfection; it’s perseverance. One word at a time — that’s how progress is made.

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When you start losing hope, remember your why! Why did you start on this journey in the first place? What compelled you to be a writer?

This is your reason to refuse! Don’ t give up! Don’t lose hope!

You were created for a purpose! Inside you is a passion to write. Let me encourage you to stay the course. Even if you never become the next best-seller know this: All the money and fame in the world is meaningless if you aren’t true to yourself.

Weary writer, I see you. And I am here with you, encouraging you through all the hard moments because your hope keeps my hope burning too.

We are in this together~


Another weary writer

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JD Greyson is a free spirit who loves to breathe passion & purpose into each of her pieces. She runs on copious amounts of conversation, & compassion~

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